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If you are looking to send and receive international missionary letters faster than through normal postal service, through pouch mail or through the other guys, you have come to the right place. can send letters to your missionary in as quickly as 2-3 days! And, provides something that the other guys don't, a way that your missionary can send letters quickly without breaking mission email rules. Click on the How it Works link above for details.
and start sending letters today.


January 11, 2014: Thank you to those that have patiently been checking here wondering when our promised new website will be up and running. Unforeseen problems blindsided us and have forced the dramatic delays. For the next several weeks, it appears, we will need to continue operating as we have been for the past few months. Until then, all of the great cookies and other treats are still available. Click the "Send a Carepackage" link for details on how to send in your order. During construction, all email orders will receive a 10% discount. Exciting improvements are in store, in part that has caused the delays. We know that the improvements will enhance your Missionties experience. We hope to be up and running shortly.



Open a new monthly subscription during OUR CONSTRUCTION, and MissionTies will add 3 photos to your account during your first month's subscription.


In addition to the great offer of FREE PHOTOS for subscribing, MissionTies will give your missionary 4 of Mr. Cheney's most delicious, freshly baked cookies FREE. That's an $12 value just for giving Missionties letter service a try (cookies available only for missionaries currently in the Brazil MTC).

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